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Our Process

Guiding You to Your Preferred Future

Kammeraad Financial will help guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive, goal-oriented financial strategy.


Introductory Meeting

Before committing a significant amount of our time or yours, this 30-minute call will give us a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. The call is complimentary, and nothing will be offered for sale. We will use the time to get to know one another and determine whether it makes sense for us to create a free one-page financial plan.

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Our Analysis

We’ll as for a few basic documents like your tax return and account statements for review & analysis. We’ll then build a customized one-page financial plan based on your financial information and your responses to our intake questions.

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Plan Presentation

We meet 60-minutes to present your one-page financial plan and explain, very clearly, what you need to do to reach your financial objectives. These recommendations and high-level guidance will encapsulate your complete financial situation and provide direction toward building, growing, and preserving your wealth.

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Decision Time

We get it - choosing the right financial partner is a big decision. With your one-page financial plan in hand you’ll decide whether to implement the plan yourself, hire another firm to help, or work with us. If you’re comfortable with our approach and believe we’ll provide more value than the fees you’ll pay, we’ll proceed to onboard you as a client.

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Implement and Enjoy

Onboarding as a new client is easy. we’ll gather any additional information we might need, set up a profile for you in our financial planning system, and get to work implementing your plan, together.

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