Life Insurance

I’ve had a dozen or more death claims in the past few years. Life insurance is important and you need to make sure your family is protected.

Estate Planning

Do you want to leave the guardianship of your children and your financial affairs up to a probate judge? We connect you with an attorney to make sure your wishes are carried out the way you want when you pass away.

Disability Income Protection

Ever wondered what would happen if your paycheck stopped due to illness or injury? Most employer-sponsored plans typically only pay out 60% and then deduct taxes, leaving maybe 50%. Is this enough for you to live on?

Long Term Care Insurance

This type of care can cause a financial hardship for families. We will strive to keep you well informed and protected in this important area.

Auto/Home/Umbrella Coverage

I rode past an accident when a friend of mine’s wife was killed. It really troubled me for quite some time. I met with my agent that I had at the time, and found I was grossly underinsured. I also found that for a few extra dollars a year, I could have the coverage I needed.